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Mystique Feathers Lingerie Set

Mystique Feathers Lingerie Set

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Delve into an oasis of allure and grace with our Mystique Feathers Lingerie Set, a masterpiece of sensual design that promises to elevate your inner goddess. This set is adorned with delicate feathers, each intricately placed to evoke a sense of ethereal beauty and intrigue. The bralette features a mesmerizing feather motif that wraps around the bust, enhancing your curves with a touch of mystique. Complementing the bralette, the panties boast a subtle feather trim that teases and tantalizes with every movement. Whether you're preparing for a romantic evening or seeking to bask in your own sensuality, our Mystique Feathers Lingerie Set invites you to embrace the enchantment of your desires and exude serenity with every step. Experience the transformative power of beauty and grace as you unveil the sensual allure of this unique lingerie set.

Product Details:

Feature: Breathable, Elasticity and soft

Pattern Type:  Solid

Material:  Spandex / Nylon

Color:  Red

Fabric Type:  Worsted

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